Hell in a Cell is all wrapped up now. It had its ups and downs. Now, WWE needs to plan for their next Pay Per Views – The Super Show-Down in Melbourne, the first ever all-women PPV Evolution, and Survivor Series. The card for the Super Show Down is already scheduled. This includes a very high profile match between The Undertaker and Triple H. The build to this feud so far has been brilliant. WWE even teased a Shawn Michaels return during one of its episodes when the Hall of Famer stood across The Undertaker.

However, WWE is still lagging behind in building up other stories. Matches like the six-man tag team match involving The Shield and The Dogs Of War need some serious buildup. With just 3 episodes of RAW between Hell in a Cell and the Super Show-Down, let us see how WWE will be booking tonights RAW. With Brock Lesnar returning and Ronda Rousey retaining her championship in Hell in a Cell, the possibilities are almost endless.

#1 Return of the Intercontinental Championship open challenge

At Hell in a Cell 2018, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose challenged Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for the RAW tag team championship. But since Ambrose and Rollins lost their match clean, we can see Rollins reverting to his Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge. It was the most vital part of RAW and we sorely missed the IC title open challenge.

Since Rollins is preoccupied with the feud with Ziggler and McIntyre, there is a good chance of him losing the title to a new challenger. RAW needs a mid-card feud because the red brand did not feature a single mid-card feud in Hell in a Cell.

#2 Nikki Bella challenging Ronda Rousey

Rumors have it that the main event of WWE Evolution would be Ronda Rousey taking on the former Divas champion Nikki Bella. This makes sense because the former UFC athlete and the Total Bellas star are the biggest mainstream women stars WWE has. However, WWE will not be too keen on having a friendly match. With more than a month remaining for the PPV, tonight will be the perfect time to kick off a feud between these two.

Ronda Rousey is not scheduled to have a title defense at Australia as she is a part of a 6 women tag team match, siding with the Bella twins taking on The Riott Squad.

#3 A confrontation between Triple H and The Undertaker

The Undertaker is scheduled to appear on tonight’s episode of RAW ahead of his clash against Triple H at Super Show-Down. The deadman and the game have appeared on different episodes of RAW to address their Australia clash but have not been present face to face in the ring. Tonight would be an impeccable time to rekindle their long-lost rivalry with fiery promos.

#2 An explanation

Brock Lesnar appeared out of the blue to nullify the Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Expecting The Beast himself to appear and give an explanation is outright stupidity. But he could send his advocate Paul Heyman to do the talking and explain why he interfered in the main event the previous night.

#1 A Universal Title match

Braun Strowman did not lose his Universal Title match against Roman Reigns. Hence, it would be only fair to give him a one on one rematch for the big red title. However, waiting for the next PPV for his well-deserved rematch will test the patience of the monster because Reigns will not defend his Universal championship at the Super Show-Down and the new format of Survivor Series does not have any title matches. Thus the Monster Among Men will have to use his “friendship” with the constable to get himself a Universal title match as early as tonight.

Moreover, the Big Dog advertises himself as a fighting champion. Hence he would be more than happy to accept the challenge.


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